The Aerial Robotics Team compromises of four different divisions, each with a specific focus. The divisions are: the structures, electronics, control systems, and aerospace divisions.


The objective of the structures division is to make the main body of the quad-copter. They aim to make the quad-copter as light and as stable as possible, to house the components built by the electronics division.


The electronics division is charged with the task of building the sensors and the power control circuit. The sensors are in charge of guiding the device regardless of the situation. The power control circuit takes the electricity put in the system, and distributes it amongst the various components the guide the quad-copter.

Control Systems

Control systems develops higher level software that causes the quad-copter to act independently. Based on the needs of the team, control systems programs the higher level functions of the machine to perform the various tasks such as traversing to a specific location, or find a predetermined item.


A rather different division of the team is the Aerospace division. The team focuses on how air vehicles work, and attempt to use this understanding to advise the control systems division on how the quad-copter should act as it flies. In order to understand air vehicles, the division typically researches, through studying and experimentation, RC helicopters and how the environment and human error can affect flying.