Anthony Bowser - Aerospace Co-Leader 
About Anthony
Brandon Hopewell - Controls Systems Team Leader 
About Brandon
I'm a Junior Computer Science major and Mathematics minor. I am the leader of the Control Systems division for the Aerial Robotics team.My interest and research consist mostly of Computer Vision and Algorithms. I am also affiliated with the ACM.

Charles J Pagano  
About Charles
I am a Senior Computer Science student at SPSU. I have a passion for computer programming, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. I speak fluently in C++ and Java. My favorite topics in AI are Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).

DAVID HAFFNER - President 
MET Undergraduate at SPSU.
I specialized in engineering graphics, rapid prototyping, product realization, research and development. Currently affiliated with the Aerial Robotics Team, ASME, SME, BTRA, and the NIGHT-MS project

Eliemanuel Roman - Secretary / Treasurer 
About Eliemanuel
I am the current Secretary/Treasurer for the Aerial Robotics Team. I have been with the Aerial Robotics Team for 3 years.

I am in the process of completing my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. My personal objective is to better understand circuitry and programming to such a degree that I will be self-sufficient.

Haris A Jafri - Structure Team Leader 
About Haris
Head of the Structures Division on the Aerial Robotics Team.

Jake Jaugstetter - Electronics Co-Team Leader 
About Jake
Joshua Jibilian - Structure Co-Team Leader 
About Joshua
Justin Ayers - Advisory Board/Alumni/Former President 
About Justin
I am a Senior Software Engineering major here at SPSU. I served six years in the active duty Airforce and currently in the reserves as an airframe and propulsion mechanic on cargo aircraft. I bring a vast knowledge of airframe maintainability and design concepts to the Aerial Robotics Team. My primary focus is on military defense systems and alternative energies. I hope to make significant improvements to the forefront of these fields.

Michael Doherty - Aerial Robotics Vice president 
About Michael
Computer science graduate student at Southern Polytechnic State University. Working on a master's thesis in brain computer interfaces and an independent study of computer concepts applied to drones.

Nick Schulz - Control Systems member 
About Nick
I am a senior mechatronics engineering student at Southern Polytechnic State University, specializing in programming and embedded systems.

shi wang - Aerospace Team Leader 
About shi
Syed Ali - Control Systems Co-Team Leader 
About Syed
Zack Byers  
About Zack

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