Welcome to our student chapter of ASCE!

We hope to make this section the biggest Organization in Southern Polytechnic State University by introducing a lot engineer driven events, meetings with Professional Engineers, handing out on-field experience, and taking over the regional ASCE competition by storm!

  • 09-15-2013: Steel Bridge Team Meeting

  • 11-29-2012: DHS Summer Internship Program (DEADLINE Jan.13th)

  • 11-29-2012: TODAY: Career Prep Etiquette Session (graduation seniors encouraged to attend)

  • 08-20-2012: 1st ASCE Meeting of the year! 8/23

  • 07-16-2012: TSPLOST vote!

  • 06-11-2012: Call for Industry Speakers for our upcoming monthly ASCE meetings!!!

  • 06-11-2012: TSPLOST vote! July 31, 2012 (absentee ballot info included)

  • 03-29-2012: LOCKOUT Tickets!

  • 03-28-2012: LOCKOUT: Promotional Opportunity

  • 01-13-2012: First Spring SPSU ASCE Spring Meeting. Mandatory for the Florida Event.

  • 01-12-2012: State Chapter ASCE February 2012 Meeting

  • 01-06-2012: The First Meeting of the Semester and a Summer Internship.


  • 11-09-2011: ASCE Younger Members Calendar of Events 2011-2012

  • 11-01-2011: GSPE Georgia Engineer Week - ET Student of the Year

  • 11-01-2011: ASCE Younger Members: Looking to get involved?

  • 10-10-2011: Guest Speaker about Basic Concrete Technology -Update-

  • 09-28-2011: Guest Speaker about Basic Concrete Technology

  • 09-23-2011: Georgia section ASCE Meeting

  • 09-22-2011: Thank you all for coming to the BBQ!!

  • 09-14-2011: Williamson Brothers BBQ!

  • 09-12-2011: ASCE Younger Members Group Braves Game and Bullpen Rib House for $10 and Becoming a Liaison to the Georgia ASCE chapter.

  • 09-11-2011: RUBBLE HOUSE: Engineering some solutions!

  • 08-25-2011: RUBBLE HOUSE Project for Haiti

  • 08-20-2011: First set of Introduction Meetings.

Should we let FSAE borrow our trailer? Closed

Date Range: Opens:8/31/11 -  Closes:9/16/11

They have offered to pay for the trailer's Tag renewal each year, fix and maintain the braking system as well as any other maintenance related issues.  We feel this will be a fair deal since the trailer has been purchased in our name.  They will be purchasing a magnetic banner to cover over the ASCE logo which will be removed while ASCE uses the trailer as well as during storage times.  The officers and advisor of ASCE agree with this deal, although under constitutional mandates we must present this to the members of ASCE for a vote.  This is your notice to vote.  Voting will close Friday, September 16th.  This will assist us with SGA purchases since we are saving them from buying FSAE a trailer.

Note:  This also has to be cleared with the department after the votes have been counted.

Total Votes: 3 

3 (100%)


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